Tuesday, September 20, 2005


In 2002 I was convicted of Knocking out the Mayor of Seattle. At the time I was also a candidate for the Mayor of Seattle. I have lived in Africa, Asia Europe and North America. As a result of my world travels I became aware that the descendants of Africans kidnapped to America could only overcome "Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome" by reconnecting with our african roots. Since 1969 we have been fighting to establish a world class AFRICAN HERITAGE MUSEAUM AND CULTURAL CENTER. In 1985 a group of concerned Africans occupied the old Colman School in Seattle Washington and designated it as The AFRICAN AMERICAN HERITAGE MUSEUM AND CULTURAL CENTER. After 8 long years of steady occupation the Seattle School District signed a purchase and sale agreement to sell the scholl to the African American Heritage Museum and Cultural Center 501c3 Non Profit Corporation. Officials of the Seattle Chapter Urban League including Washington Mutual Bank Senior Vice President Robert Flowers and former Seattle Mayor Norm Rice, intiated sabotage effort to take over the Museum building and concept by turning the hard won Museum building into 36 condominiums to be sold back to the white agents of" GENTRIFICATION with the so-called North West Negroe Museum in the Basement. We will defeat the Negroe sellout's efforts to destroy our hard won victory by any means necessary. New Orleans is the most recent example of the Jesse Jackson lead Negroes efforts to depend on the "DEMOPUBLICANS' for our survival? For more information type Omari Tahir-Garrett into any internet search engine. Peace until we defend our interest and our childrens future. MORE MARCHING TO OR FOR WHAT????? iT IS TIME FOR US TO CLEAN OUR OWN HOUSE OF NEGROE HOUES SLAVE COLLABORATORS OF THE MODERN DAY SLAVEMSTER!!! Omari Tahir-Garrett for PRESIDENT.